Chrissy Bruce M.S. CCC-SLP

Clinical Speech-Language Patholgist



Over 20 Years Experience Serving Multilingual Students And Families In Barcelona.


The Expertise and Unwavering Commitment you Need to Navigate a Speech, Language or  Learning Difference.


If You Are Concerned about your child’s development or learning, Don’t Wait- Reach Out.  

1 in 5 Children Learn Differently. I CAN HELP

Chrissy is a specialist in ASSESSING AND TREATING underlying causes including DYSLEXIA, AUTISM, ADHD, DYSCALCULIA, SPEECH-LANGUAGE DEALYS AND DISORDERS, Rare Genetic Disorders, Apraxia and Dysgrafia

What I Do



Learning Support

Weekly or more intense intervention and support for students who are struggling with reading or any area related to learning. We work together with the student, parents and school to build a pathway towards success.  

Learning Differences

Learning differences occur when students do not respond to the historically established ways of teaching. From there, a cycle of challenges can arise leaving teachers , students and parents often confused and frustrated.  When bright children struggle to learn at the same pace as their peers, they are often referred to as  having a disability, disorder, or delay.  

We prefer the term learning difference.  Using the terminology learning difference highlights the fact a child who is struggling simply learns differently than others do.  From there, our work is to discover each student’s areas of strength and areas of challenge.  By remediating the areas of challenge and potentiating the areas of strength, learning differences can be demystified and a path forward towards success can be established .

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